250x jetting

will a 152 main and a ncyr needle to the 3rd position and 70 leak jet work with a crf250x w/ airbox cut (not honda recomended line) and white brothers e2? i live at 2800 elivation. i tested the pipe out the other day and i had a huge bog thoughout the powerband.

yes,that should work ok.you had a bog with stock jetting?

Here’s what I've done:

152 main

45 pilot

stock needle lowered clip 2 positions

55 leak jet

AP block off kit (for smog stuff)

air box opened up to honda specs

stock air filter

boysen quick shot

baffle taken out of muffler

Zip Ty fuel screw set at 2 ¾ turns out

Pink wire relocated (disconnected)

I live in Ca elevation 3000

I have ordered the NCYR needle but the bike runs great as it is now. No bog, front end comes up when you twist the throttle. The part # for the leak jet is: 99108-meb-0550. I think this is the best I can make it run without doing high dollar mods.

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