620 LC4 will no go into gear.

Hello All,

I just obtained a 1995 620 RXC yesterday. The bike was hard to start when I got her yesterday. I am having a hard time starting the bike. What is the correct procedure? The bike will not go into gear when the gear shift lever is pressed or pulled. I thought that the clutch cable was out of adjustment but after adjusting no change. When the clutch goes out what king of noise does this make? Can you hear it at idle?

I am stumped.

I am in the process of carb cleaning and checking the valves.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in WA Todd

If pull is correct, I'd pull the clutch basket/plates/disks and check their condition. Make sure plates/disks and springs are still w/in specs. If not - sounds like more work.

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