With my new drz 125 do i change the oil after 5 hours of runtime during break in. :bonk::applause:

With all the assembly lube and preservative crap in the motor when you get it I would change it after your first long day. Case in point, when my son's new PW80 got to the 6 hour mark I went ahead and changed it. The oil came out grey from all of the junk on the rotating assembly when it was put together. Oil's cheap, engines aren't.

yes u should change oil...lots of times during breakin period

So you think i should change the oil now?

I would change the oil filter as well as the oil.

PW 80's are 2strokes

Really, I just thought Yamaha's build quality was really bad with all that smoke from the exhaust! :applause:

Not all of the parts in the crankcase/transmission are lubed by the fuel/oil mix. The bike uses a little more than a half a quart to lubricate whats not done with the fuel mix.

Still, you need gear oil.

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