Street legal XR250 in CT. Who did this already?

Looking into getting a Baja Designs kit for my XR250 this winter, so I can get it registered in Connecticut where I live. Any and all info will be greatly appriciated. Not too many places to legally ride in this anal retentive state, so I mine as well hit the streets and take full advantage of my XR. No sense letting it sit in the basement collecting dust, when I could be riding it to work, or to pick up some milk and eggs.....

Have fun with that. My solution to the lack of riding around here was taking up NETRA Harescrambles. Beware though, try one and you're hooked!

Hi Char250R! Spent 5 years up there in Ct. myself, Colchester area but recently moved back to my native Florida. Also ride an '01 250R. Sweet machine for that locale if you like the technical riding - big rocks, big trees, more big rocks! Got a buddy there in Colchester that licensed his WR 450. Believe he went with the baja designs setup also. The system was fine but he was a little worried that that he'd get busted for not having DOT approved tires. Turns out he took it for inspection and they didn't even look at them so he passed no problem. Don't forget that separate motor cycle drivers license required also!

Just remember though, you're in the "NO FUN" state so the minute you license that bad boy your gonna get a personal property tax bill in the mail. Small price to pay in my opinion, but a consideration just the same.

I had joined up with the New London Motorcycle Club which was minutes away. They had mile of trails laid out that ranged from beginner to advanced, taught my boys on them. Unfortunately, the state came in and shut down their access - bastards! Still, my buddy and I Managed to find some sweet trails to ride in the area. Some are even legal if you're licensed, e-mail me at and I'll hook you up. But by all means, you're headed down the right route by getting a tag on the bike. You'll just be too limited in NE without it!

slightly off topic, but where on earth can you ride a dirtbike in this the reason for a plate

You can ride with off-road registration at one spot, the thomaston damn. If you get dual sported you can ride in the Pachaug Forest. This is why I started racing, not jack shit to ride legally.

Other than Tony Larusso's track in Rocky Hill (20 bucks for a full day ride), nope - not much in the way of legal areas to ride. While up there I had to depend upon meeting up with friends that owned private land to ride on or rode on my own property. Did do some trails in Middletown down by the Pratt & Whitney plant off Aircraft Road. Great riding, but not sure how legal it was! Spent a lot of time over in New York (hour 1/2 haul) so my kids could ride District 34 motocross. Kids can not race in Ct. until 13 years old so only a couple of tracks hold regular races there and it's damn expensive. NY has no such silly laws and their tracks are truely awesome. Lot of good riding in Mass also, but get the plate, it's required on most of their public lands as well.

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