HELP PLEASE! gas gas ec250 questions.

Hi guys, stumbled on a deal maybe. 02' gas gas ec250. Owner says he ran it last spring and the carb fell out of the boot between the reed cage and carb. He has messed around with it for some time before this with the same results. He has gave up and just want to dump it. It does run and has great comp. Looks good, nothing bent or broken, tight susp. and so on, no lights on it but he may have them in a box somewhere. My problem is I don't know squat about them. I am in Michigan, so parts/cost? (I know I will need to replace the boot.) Reliable? I am used to Hondas. Any opinions? I can get this bike for $500.00 :applause: but I don't want a serious project that will tap out the fun account. Thanks guys :bonk::cry:

$500!!!! :bonk: He's giving it away!!!! They are very reliable, parts are easy to get and the same price as any other bike. Go for it!!!! :applause:

I can't figure out the carb boot issue though - clamps on each end, this is so eeesy to fix. It makes me wonder if the bike has another problem!??

If so, it's still worth $500 just for parts(OHLIN rear is probably $200~).

I use SMS racing - he is a GasGas dealer and authorized RACETECH suspension tuner. Fantastic shop, he's a AA racer and x-pro and truly knows them front to back. Ask for Brian.

Sounds like there is more to this bike than what you are being told. I wouldnt be surprised if it is hot.

Thanks E.N. I talked to a guy in Arkansas mentioned here in other threads. Great guy.

The guy selling it is sort of a friend, play hockey together sometimes. I know his story is true, he isn't mech. at all and w/ the nagging problem w/the carb, just lost it for this bike. I guess I pick it up and take my chances. He does have a clear title for it so it is good that way. Good winter project anyway, or ebay parts bike. lol

I would be checking for reasons for it to backfire and blow the carby off. Maybe problem with the reeds or iginition timing ? Is it hard to start ? Maybe the woodruff key on the flywheel is sheared and messed with the timing ? Reeds are cracked or frayed ?

Anyway I think you stole it from him. $500

$ 500 :applause: i want 2 of them...

Just paid a radial brake pump 240 $ discounted.....


That is an awesome deal at $500. Regardless of the engine problems, everything can fixed and you will have a great bike. Even if you had to spend $2k to change every engine component (just kidding), the bike is still a good deal. Also, parts are never a problem. I buy my stuff through Jim Cook at Smackover Motorsports (in Arkanas). He has a great stock of GG parts and parts arrive in a few days time. His website also has a great GG forum.

I noticed you were from Michigan. Where are you located? I'm from SE Michigan, just across the border from Toledo, OH. Maybe we can ride together sometime. I love my GG and I know you will too. :applause:

Well guys it is in my garage. Started it up, think that boot is leaking, wanted to run w/choke and would rev up if I shut it off. Matt I did talk to Jim on the phone for about a half hour and he mentioned a guy down by Det. that rides gg. You? He is a big reason I bought it. Well, plus all the things I heard on this bike were great and the 500.00 price. Jim told me how to fix the boot problem and said he would drive up here to buy it for that price if I didn't. lol I need to put some elbow grease into it and go through the carb, replace the boot and so on. This thing has the orig. tires and chain on it still! Pretty geeked to start playing w/it. Wonder if I will like it better than my cr 250????? Matt by the way I am in the Lansing area. Another ride partner sounds great as long as my job gives me some time to get away, it made me pretty rusty this past summer. Thanks for any tips on gg.


I would suspect Jim was refering to me. When I first started buying parts from him, they were shipped to my work. Detroit was a nearby city that I knew he could relate to. Actually, I'm about a 45 min drive south from there. Jim is a great guy to talk to if you get him on the phone. Most times his son Gabe answers and takes my order. It's a nice family business they run.

Congrats on the new bike! You will love it after you get is running. I have ridden my GG and friend's KTM EXC250 back-to-back. The GG handles beautifully on the tight and nasty trails. The GG power comes on strong right from the bottom. The KTM has this hit about midrange that's hard to control if you are not ready for it. I have not ridden a Honda CR250 so I can't compare it. Is your Honda set up for woods or motocross? If motocross, then the GG will feel a lot different.

By the way, I suspect your GG is an XC/DE and not the EC. Most GG's are sold in the USA as Dealer Editions (DE), formerly known as XC. The graphics will say EC regardless. The DE/XC's have a lighter flywheel, headlight with abbreviated wiring loom, tailight, but no turn signals or horn. Also, the DE's come standard with a FMF Gnarly pipe with Turbine Core silencer (spark arrestor). The true EC bikes are special ordered. You can also tell by how the wiring exits the left side flywheel cover. If it exits around the 10 o'clock position, then it is an DE/XC. If it exits around the 3 o'clock position, then it is an EC.

GG's are very reliable. In fact, GG tends to combine design traits for the other makers. The motor is similar to the Honda with it's power valve. The front forks are WP like KTM. The rear shock is Ohlins. Most plastics from Kawasaki will fit except the shrods. The kickstarter from Yamaha will fit and the list goes on... If you have not seen it yet, there is a parts cross-over list on Smackover and

I will PM you in the spring and see if you want to ride together sometime. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions. The Smackover forum also has a lot of knowledgable GG riders.

Matt, what do I have here? The wire exits around the three o'clock positon (more like 2 o'clock) It has a messco pipe, can't tell the sli. make. It looks to of had lights, brake light switch on front brk. and (weird) r. brake switch. Also a steering lock.??The previous owner said he thought the lights were taken off just before he got it and offered to check to see if he could still get them. The manual says ec on it also. My cr is bone stock 98'. After many different bikes from rm, yzf, xr, kdx in the last year or so I found the cr sitting in a guys yard. I jumped on it and fell in love w/2s again. You could almost eat off it, it was so clean and never had a wrench turned on it (low hours). Can't find'em like that very often anymore. I just trail ride w/friends and follow the wife and kids. The cr handled those duties perfect (worried about loading it up in the slow). If the gg is more like say a kdx on roids then it might better fit my needs still. Time will tell. I plan on getting into it next week. Jim thought this should sell for more like 2500.00. Either way I feel lucky to of found it!


By some of your comments, I would say it is the true EC version. The wiring position, handlebar lock, and Messico pipe are typical EC traits. Not sure why the previous owner removed the lights. Maybe he was making a harescrambles bike??? The VIN on the side of the head tube could also tell you the model. For example, my VIN has XC within the first several digits. Yours will probably have EC instead.

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