Hub color?

I got some wheels for x-mas and while they wear apart iwas going to get the hubs powder coated any one done this? I was thinking black? Oh by the way they are black pro wheels.

Anodize them red! That looks trick!

Those crappy wheel castings wont anodize well at all and the heat it takes to cure powder coat is not recommended. Only real choices are to paint, base/clear coat or have TCR wheel service polish them.

Absolutely go RED! :applause:

I think red hubs and black rims are the shit!

Where can i get them anodized?

You can get them powder coated,A friend of mine did and they look awsome.Red looks great or gold.My friend has a suzuki and did them in this funky blue really trick looking.

Where can i get them anodized?

Like MVJLUVSDRZ suggested above, TCR has gotten high praise in magazine articles lately, but I haven't seen any in person. They have a couple of options for stock hubs, but they don't recommend anodizing because of the metal composition.

I think red hubs and black rims are the shit!

It's all about the gold rims and the red hubs... :applause:

There is an power coat that you can put on that is a clear red that goes over the rims that looks amazing i'm going to powder coat mine this winter in my shop.

Red hubs look tacky and cheesey, go for black on black, or black on silver.

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