Stuck Snapped Bolt - help

This past weekend I had to remove my rear brake pedal to get into my clutch and ended up snapping the rear brake bolt in the threads. I took it out probably 5 months ago and forgot to remove the cotterpin in the back and munked up the threads pretty good apparently, but went back in fine. So I attempted to drill it out and got about 3 drill bits into it and the drill bit snapped and is stuck in it. You guys have any ideas for removing this sucker?

I thought maybe taking a dremel and cutting a slot in it to get a flat-head screwdriver in might work?

Thats sux, could you drill a small hole on the other side and tap it out? If not the only thing I could think of is to re-dril it, weld it, then re-thread it. But I dont really know much about that type of stuff, so I might not be right.

Yowsa! That's a bad one.

So it's the drill bit that's stuck in there? Don't try a slot. Use the dremel to flatten 2 sides and a pair of vice grips to grip the flat sides and twist it out. Use plenty of a GOOD penetrating oil like lock-ease.

When drilling out or using an easy out go slow, use plenty of penetrating /cutting oil and clean it out very frequently.

Maybe it's time to think about having the whole nut cut out of there and a new one welded in it's place :applause:

Good luck.

Well, in order to drill it out from the other side i have to remove the swingarm, and even then im not sure i would have enough room, but i might be able to tap out the stuck drill bit.

And I would try to flatten the sides of the bolt, but it snapped inside the threads, so there's nothing sticking out. Its a mess. Im afraid I might end up having to take it to a fabricator and get him to cut off the existing one and put a new one on.

The dremem cut-off wheels are the only thing I found to even scratch a drill bit. The cut it well, the problem is their large size.

I did something similar once but got lucky in that there was enough gap around the bit threads and the bolt to fit in an EZ out. If you're not so lucky, you'll probably need to take it to a *good* welder, who can weld a post onto the end of the drill bit and get that sucker out for you.

I'm going to agree with fabbed. You can mess around, possibly get it out, and have the threads so :applause: you have to get it replaced anyway :cry:

So I'd say replace it now. :bonk:

Shew! Well I was determined to get it out this morning and did after 3 hours of drilling, hammering, and anything else you can think of. Managed to get the stuck bit out by removing the swingarm, subframe, rear shock and hitting it out from the backside. Then drilled progressively bigger and went and got an tap (8mm) which pushed the snapped bolt out and re-threaded my mess. Thanks for all the help!

Shoulda got a screw extracot set. Woulda taken it out in a couple mins.


Shoulda got a screw extracot set. Woulda taken it out in a couple mins.


TOOL TOOL TOOLS.....lucky the guy down the block drives a SNAP-ON truck :applause: great deals whatever I may need :bonk:

Yep. BTW for anyone scratching thier head because of my horrible typing, it's screw extractor.

I rounded off the phillips head screws for my master cylender. All I did was drill a hole hrough the center, stick the screw extractor in the hole and turn it and the scerw came right out.


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