Clear Creek, Friday 12-30

Anyone riding Clear Creek Friday 12-28? Should be perfect.

It will be raining Friday..if that's perfect for you..then have a great ride.

Yes I will be there. Leaving for CC tomorrow morn. Be there till Sat. I'll be at Oak Flat or the second camp ground . Don't know the name. Grey Ford F-350 and Wildwood trailer. Gotta fresh M-5b, waitin to tear it up. :applause:

I'm riding there tomorrow also. Green Chevy pickup, beater 300exc. Maybe Oakflat, 9:00. The dirt was tacky like velcro yesterday down there.

I was thinking about it

Coalinga says 40% chance of showers. That means 60% of the ride will be dry. Sounds good to me.

Just to set the record straight. The storm held off till Friday night. What a storm it was, it lasted till 2:30pm Saturday. It was awesome riding with ononotyouagain Les. He really knows the trails at CC. I hope to someday have half the trail knowledge that he does. :bonk: So we got two full days of perfect riding conditions and one day not so perfect riding . I must admit riding in a downpour whilst everyone else is packing it up is priceless. :cry: We eventually got lost , soaked to the bone, and freezing cold but ended up having an epic ride. :applause:

what no helicopter rescue from some wild pig snot canyon deep in the middle of no where? you guys are letting up.

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