WR 250 gear ratios

Does anyone have these? They aren't available on the Yamaha website.


For '05 WR250F:

1st: 31/13 (2.385)

2nd: 28/16 (1.750)

3rd: 28/21 (1.333)

4th: 25/24 (1.042)

5th: 22/27 (0.815)

Thanks Matty,

I was comparing them to the 06 YZ250 which is:

Gear Ratio - 1st Gear 27/14 (1.929)

Gear Ratio - 2nd Gear 23/15 (1.533)

Gear Ratio - 3rd Gear 23/18 (1.278)

Gear Ratio - 4th Gear 24/22 (1.091)

Gear Ratio - 5th Gear 20/21 (0.952)

It would really be nice to get a WR 5th gear...

Do you know what the primary reduction ratio is??


57/17 (3.353)

Anything else? ha ha ha.

57/17 (3.353)

Anything else? ha ha ha.


Actually I have some questions

-the gearing for the 05 and 06 wr250f's the same? and

-does the wr250f and yz250 have the same primary gear reduction? (57/17)

-Is there any speculation of a different # of gears in the future (4 or 6 speed)?



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