XR 400 for the Tuareg Rally in Morocco

So I am trying to buy a XR 400 in England to race the Tuareg rally in March. Does anyone know of the best place to find a deal? I've been on Ebay daily and MCN.

I've chosen the XR400 because I have already owned 2 of them and they are rock solid! I know there are bikes that are faster but I want reliability!

HIya Roostn67, have a look here.....


I don't know if this is still for sale....


A friend of mine is thinking of selling his XR 600 if that would be any good to you?

I would have bought it but it wasn't for sale when I got my 250.

If you are interested drop me an e mail at dwilliamsonuk@blueyonder.co.uk and I'll get some more info and pics on it.

Thanks for the link pal! I think I found one today at a dealer. It is a brand new 2005 road legal. This way I don't have to sort out someone else's mess before the race.

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