A video i made, please watch and comment

I realize that this is in the wrong section, but i figured that the honda guys would appreciate it most so here it is, my summary of the 2005 season

I am number 84, my friend is #27 and there are some random shots thrown in

I am on the 150 also

Let me know what you think any constructive critisism is welcome

Enjoy and set the viewing size as original.





Very cool,Nice flow.Good music. :applause:

That video is awesome. :applause: I liked it a lot.

Your pretty good.

Like the tricks on the 50's. :bonk:


04 CRF450

Fun!!!! Thanks for the post. It'd be nice to have some close up shots to cut with... in slo-mo. But hey, great job! Thanks to you I'm gonna take tomorrow off so to put in some seat time!

You should give director Sam Jones a call!


Nice video

glad to help, Its tough sometimes to get the close up shots i want with my parents filming, I tried to teach them how to achieve some decent angles and shots but they hate the technology. So i guess i hafta be happy with their point and shoot method. But i can get footage of others the way i want.

Thanks for the good words everyone.

Makes me wanna to ride :applause: !

Great video! Thanks and feel free to post more!

Don't all those bumps and stuff hurt your body? What about the mud? Doesn't that stuff get your bike all dirty?

AWESOME video!!! One of the better one's I've seen! Thanks for posting it!

Swweeeet. I liked it. I am going to go ride now. Swweeet.

Nice effort, really enjoyed the video and the music, nice job editing and good change of pace on the slo-mo and music, and this is from an oldtimer.

Good job kid :applause::bonk::cry::cry:

thanks guys


i wish i could go ride, everything is covered in snow

i might be going down to maryland or delaware to rde soon though

Cool video great job, makes me hate this cold icy weather

Groovy man, groooooovy! Keep that outside elbow up in the turns and hit the jumps a little more aggressive and forward. The video was great, can't wait to see the next one!

Looking good :applause: I like the music

Great music selection and vid

awesome video

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