Rmx250 ???????

i was thinking of getting an rmx250.. what is they difference between them and the rm250's. other than the head and tail lights??? thanks

Same reply as I said in the last one... :applause:

Heavier flywheel,I believe a few years of them had trail suspension and not the inverted race forks, The kickstand, and what surprised me to begin with... a 3 gallon tank!

Weight - 249 lbs

40 horsepower @ 8k RPM's

32 ftlb torque

Oh and tim... This bike stands just a little less taller than my X does.

If you really want one I can get you a Deal on one.. 1800$. ( it's real close too)

I\M , PM whatever!

The big differences are a larger gas tank, heavier flywheel, lower compression,

kickstand, 18" rear wheel, lower first gear and taller fifth, exhaust, and the suspension valving for offroad. The bike is an excellent bike if you are using it for what is designed for, it will run with any of the new offroad bikes on the single tracks- so much depends on who is riding it.

Adam Hausler

96 Rmx 250

01 Drz 400e

Rmx is a good bike for singletrack definitely better than my 03 klxr. I still enjoy owning my 96 rmx and would not sell it.As for differences to rm larger tank that is very narrow and the suspension is valved or sprung better for offroad. and it is one well built/tough machine.

Sounds like all the differences between the RMX and RM have been covered. Buy an RMX if you can find a clean one. I would suggest that you try to find a '96, '97 or '98 with the standard front forks. The earlier USD forks work good, but the later conventional forks are superb for any type of trail riding or hare scrambles. I was away from dirt bike riding for about 15 years (married life), but got right back into it after my divorce. Bought a new DRZ400E in '01 and loved it, but after knocking off some rust (from me), it was just too heavy for fast trail riding and/or hare scrambles. I waited for years for Suzuki to improve the DRZ, but they didn't, so I bought a really clean '98 RMX250 and fell in love. What an incredible trail bike. I would still like a lightweight e-start 4-stroke, and am looking at an '06 Husaberg FE-450. However, I will never sell the RMX - it's that good! Like Hausler said, it will run with ANY modern off-road bike. I run the stock RMX head gasket, but installed an FMF Gold Series Gnarly pipe and an FMF Turbine Core silencer. Good Luck!

If you want a light, reliable, fast woods bike the RMX definetly fits the bill. I love mine to death!

i used to have a 97 rmx, it was ok for me until it digested several sets of powervalves. IT sucked them into the cylinder and ruined the piston, then after that i checked them and cleaned them often, and they were still cracking, i even tried switching to AMS oil, no difference, the powervalves kept cracking no matter what i did. I hated that bike for that, other than that reason, it was great. Mabe it was just my bike, because somebody i know has a 95 and they've had no problems whatsoever. I bought the bike new in 99 and suzuki wouldnt stand behind it at all, i was using suzuki oil too, it was all stock.

Never even heard of it....

I've got a 90 RMX, had it for 8 or 9 years. It's got the up side down forks. Very nice trail bike. Not one problem in the time I've had it.

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