new video

I am number 84, my friend is #27 and there are some random shots thrown in

I am on the 150 also

Let me know what you think any constructive critisism is welcome

Enjoy and set the viewing size as original.



Good video, its of the better ones I've seen on TT.

Nice video. You have some sweet turns. Good music selection also.

No engine noise and all loud music... I shut if off after 5 seconds.

Great video. Who were the bands and what were the songs. I especially liked the ending in the car.

well if you waited and watched more than 30 seconds, you would have realized it was just an introduction. The first song is by Siani Beach

and the second song is AFI-Paper airplanes (makeshift vehicle)


What song by Siani Beach?

No engine noise and all loud music... I shut if off after 5 seconds.

Your stupid you need to watck more then 5 seconds of it to really enjoy it. :cry:

By the way your movie was really well done with the editing.wasnt one of those tracks an ama national bud?i dont know one of those. :applause:

like the heel clicker thats my favorite trick. :bonk:

honestly, i don't know the siani beach song, my buddy has the Cd and its the first track off of it, the Cd is named immersed, if you have aim, im me and ill send it to you if you want


the national track you were looking at is southwick, i live 2 hours from it, and thanks for the comments i only use window media maker, i have pinnacle but it takes time to learn the program, so i have been dissecting it lately. But i am not 100% confident with it.

the heelclicker is one of my favorite tricks, aside from a whip



great footage and well edited. My only suggestion is that you redo it and put engine noise with the music.

in the second half of the video the whole video contains engine noises. Am i wrong?

Great vid and music couldn't have been better :applause:

That vid is awesome and im in love with that Siani Beach song still havnt downloaded it cant find it. I sent you an im on aim SUPERMAN 04597

Sweet video! Good tunes.

I'm in upstate NY so those tracks look sweet to me.

Damn! I wanna ride!

Good Vid

Great vid and music couldn't have been better :applause:

bump a bump bump

Sweet vid!

Where in Mass. are you?

Nice vid....ummm can you make another one :applause:

awesome movie... I heard plenty of engine noise...

Nice vid!

I recognize Derby and Southwick, raced both of them.

Awesome tracks! What's the track with the white fence around?

Jolly is a really fun track too! But you probably already know that.

Willierides where in upstate Ny are you?

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