Whats in the 06 box?

Sorry if this is in the index - a quick search didn't find what I was looking for, so...

I'm a THIS close to pulling the trigger on an 06 TE250. My dealer (Reno Cycles, very enthusiastic, good people) wasn't sure about buddy pegs (gotta get the kid to school somehow) and racks (gotta get, errrrr - groceries). One of his service guys said they were in the box, but it was closing time and I wasn't going to hold them up over something I wasn't buying that second any way.

Anybody with an 06 TE250 who can tell me whether they got pegs and a rack?


PS I've wanted a Husky since my dad bought me a YZ80 in the mid seventies (I didn't complain TOO much about the YZ tho...). I was really close to buying a DRZ400S (wanted street-legal, no hassles, not racing) this last October when I lurked a post about the 06 TE's being 50 state. I've been following this Forum since, forgot about the DRZ (well, a couple of bad visits to Michael's in Reno helped there!) You guys should get a commission from Husky when I lay down the cash!

I just bought the 2006 TE250 about 6 weeks ago at Malcolm Smith's in Riverside and it didn't come with either.

I was at the dealer ready to pull the trigger on the Suzuki DRZ as well, but slept on it and decided the Husky was the bike I really wanted. The extra 40 pounds and the immediate need to replace the tires, pipe, gas tank and other random stuff on the DRZ 400 sold me on the Husky TE 250.

I am VERY happy with it so far other than a little flooding issue I am having, but the service department at MS seems to think they can take care of it and I am taking it in tomorrow. I'll let you know the results of the problem in case you encounter it as well.

how is it flooding? I had the same issue. There was a hose from the tank to a m mnifold behind the light assembly that was pinched causing pressure to build in the tank and push fuel past the carb. Removing the smog crap it to best way to go.

rack n buddy pegs? get the DR-Z400S or the TE-610.

The TE-450 is a dirt bike that is barely street legal, not a dual sport.

My 05 TE 250 came with pillion pegs in the spares box,they mount on there own subframe not on the swingarm,obversely it is not designed to carry a huge passenger for hours.

I bought the 06 TE510 and it came with this:

Owners manual


Rear foot pegs

Competition silencer

Headlight switch removal replacement


Various special tools

My bike also came with blinkers but they were installed when I got it.


For what it is worth the subframe on the 610 looks identical to the subframe on the 250/450/510. Thus the 610's rack and passenger pegs should bolt on.

Bigbob - I don't want a dual sport - I want a dirt bike I can ride the short distance to the trailhead. BUT, my kid is about ready to start riding and I want him to start the same way I did - on the back of his dad's bike - although my dad was riding a panhead. Sorry, can't do Harley, I ain't a lawyer. The rack is to carry the essentials. I'm often 2-3 hours from anywhere, and I'm (I know, I know) riding alone. 15 pounds of space blanket, fire fuel, first aid and food make me feel a lot better. I've riden the DRZ and spent ALOT of time looking at the TE610 - not my cup of tea, thanks - if it was, I would be posting at ADVRider.

Barrobuild and RYCB77 - That's exactly what the parts guy said. I wonder if the guys who are reporting "NO" are getting stripped boxes. I know the buddy pegs are minimal - my kid is 9 y/o, 65 lbs., and school is 3 blocks away.

Thanks - I'll post the contents of the box once I get the (%&*^&%*&^% credit union to figure out thier own paperwork.

ok sounds like you have thought this thru. Good luck with the loan paperwork. You will love the TE-250...........why not a 450 or 510? you live in Nevada.

510? Gawd, I wish I was considering the 510. Reality is that I have wrecked my knees and ankles (not riding, unfortunately - Army, and OK, skateboarding, wheee...) to the point that I really shouldn't be riding at all - but if I was smart ....

The 250 hits a speed/weight/flickability point with me. But the 510 makes me drool. (The 450 however scares the hell out of me!)

Honestly, 25% percent of my decision to buy a new bike is to give me something to tinker around in the garage with. If past experience is any clue, it will be in pieces 20 minutes after I get it home! Everything I have read and heard has pointed to the 06 TE's being a dream to work on. Good design always shows - in ease of use, ease of service and pure damned sexy!

looks to be enough new NorCal/NorNev husky riders we should all get together and swap bikes some ride day in the spring. Then we'll all find the differences bewteen the 250, 450, 510 and can report in.

flickable is great. you'll find the stock components are of such quality, you don't need nor want to shop around for aftermarket mods. The Rooster Performance disc guards are super cool and a worthy addition to the bike. Some nice handguards, a skid palte and rad guards if you want, then the bike is ready for prime time.

we want first and second ride reports from all you new 06 Husky owners....and over time report in on your maintenance, valve checks and reliability reports. New potential husky buyers are always in the shadows here............come out where ever you are. The Wolf is calling you. :applause:

the goodie box for my 06 450 came with: passenger footpegs and brackets, cycra roost guards, mirrors, tools (axle wrench, spark plug wrench, one round little doohickey that I can't figure out what it might be for), spare jets (three or four main, two or three pilot, one needle), license plate holder, owners manual and warranty info, keys and a nice little Husky key fob. No rack. The spark arrestor exhaust also came separate but not in the box.

Sounds like the Dealer is "Holding Out"

Call MotoXotica for the scoop,they can tell you what you are supposed to get.

BTW, it would not be the first time the spares were "accidentally omitted" by the Dealership.

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