Need help on sikk125!

I have my sikk125 for 3 days now and i have already had a few problems such as my rear brake has locked up but i easily sorted that out , but now ive had a gear/shift problem all the gears seem 2 work perfect but when i go into 2nd gear ,it knocks back down into nutral on its own, and also when the bike is not running and in nuetrel when i push the bike it seem to knock into gear :S . I have heard about something called a shift star and is that what is causing my problem? Thnx alot for your advice!

Sikk has a fix for this, it is a small spacer that goes behind the shift star. They sent one out for mine and it did help a little, I modded the shifter star and got great results.

What you do is make the dip for 2nd gear alittle deeper and steeper, that way it does not slip anymore, and you can shift from 3rd to second without worry.

stronger detent spring will help too

nice avitar pimp

ok thnx for the help ill will try and do that:) . Ok if it is my shift star what will it look like when i open it up , will it be cracked/chipped or will it be moved out of place?

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