Any Hawaii Riders here???

Just wondering I go up to Kahuku's with my son about every Sat.

Yep, Im up there almost every weekend.

Howzit! I used to ride up there all the time, but I live in Arizona now. Someday I would like to return for a visit. I wiould only go to Hawaii if I could line up a rental bike to ride while I was there. I grew up riding at "Kahukus", and there is no place like it.


Allan Greenblazer

What a coincidence, Allan! I too lived in Hawaii, Mililani Town. I spent a lot of time riding Kahuku, Wahiawa, and Mililani. I used to ride all the HH's there, Kaui and the Mauna Kea 200 back in the late 70's and early 80's. I am currently moving to AZ having purchased 80 acres outside of Ash Fork. Our plans are to move there the end of January.

It would be great to hook up with riders in AZ. If you are interested PM me.

Jim Peacock

I need some help!! We are coming to Hawaii in March and REALLY want to ride but I can't find info on where to ride, rentals etc. Any help would be great. The only info I did find said that company stopped rentals in Oct 2005. We love to ride and after seeing pictures from a Dual sport ride it's a must while we are there. Again any direction would help. :applause:

wot no other kahuku riders here

My Daughter and I ride at Kahuku Most Sundays........Soon we will be good enough to keep up with other riders.......I Hope.

Hawaii Rider Here in Kauai, Ride Anahola/Kealia mostly, Kalepa Mountain sometimes, crowded parking area.

We are coming to Kauai in March. What would be some good trails to ride? We have been riding for years and like a challenge but I've heard your trails are alot harder than most. I like that! Is there a list some where of the trails and level of toughness? I also heard there is a dual sport ride in March? Any info would be nice. Thanks

Honuki250, call Two Wheels in Kapaa, Kauai (808 822-7283) Ask For Tom. He can Help you out. :thumbsup:

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