33mm oil filled shocks

Today i put fresh oil in my 33mm oil filled shocks and i loosened the screw on the bottom to do alittle dampening adjustments. So i thought i was doing the right thing by turning the screws outward 3 turns on each fork. But then after hopping on the bike and pressing firmly on the shocks rokking the bike back and forth to c if the shocks got any stiffer or not, i noticed oil dripping out the bottom of the forks. As if the oil was coming out of the dampening screw on both fork legs. I am so confused, i never herd of those screws being for oil draining. Whats the deal with that ? Did anyone else have troubles like me.

obviously drains oil. cmon dude, use your head!

ya i guess. At first i thought it's kinda stupid having no oil dampening but at least i don't have to take the shocks off the bike when i have to drain the oil.

yea its great. lol

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