2005 kx25f Hard to start

Just traded my 02 Cr125 in for the 4 stroke.

It starts fine when it is cold. But when Stahl it or crash it. Or just turn it off for a second when it is warm. I have to wait about 5 min for it to start again.

Please help..

Two probable problems:

(1) Adjust your fuel screw on the pumper carb. Just set your idle to highest possible revs and the turn fuel screw until maximum revs are reached. That is the correct fuel screw position. Next you adjust your idle back to where you would normally have it.

(2) After doing #1, always start your bike by first pressing on the kill switch and with a light push kick the starter through the range 2 or 3 times. That should clear out any excess gas. Next let go the kick starter and let her rip.

Bet those solve your problem. Both '05 KXFs start easy hot or cold in their normal state. We have had no problems once we broke the code on how to start them.

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