Suzuki RMX250?????????/

i was thinking of buying A rmx250, what is the difference between the RMX and RM bikes from suzuki... besides the head and tail light.. thanks

Heavier flywheel,I believe a few years of them had trail suspension and not the inverted race forks, The kickstand, and what surprised me to begin with... a 3 gallon tank! :cry:

Weight - 249 lbs

40 horsepower @ 8k RPM's

32 ftlb torque

Oh and tim... This bike stands just a little less taller than my X does. :bonk:

If you really want one I can get you a Deal on one.. 1800$. ( it's real close too) :applause:

I\M , PM whatever! :cry:

i had my heart set on one...then the guy sold it to someone else while i was racing on the weekend...did a lot of research on's got a wider ratio tranny, so you can get higher speed with less revs...don't let anybody fool you, the later forks that are non upside down are to kill it

Great bikes! I had one and it was a ball in the woods. Matty is right....the 96-98 had the Showa Twin Chamber conventional forks. They were great. The pre 96 versions had USD forks that were quite good also.

With some simple mods you can lose 8 Lbs and pick up 1 or 2 Hp. I think the 40 HP figure is a little inflated as I saw a Dyno test several years ago that had stock at 37.7 and uncorked at 40.1 (Pipe, Reeds, Silencer, airbox lid removed) One bouus is these things are fun for light MX work as well. Compared to a KDX they are about the same in the woods and faster on the track and in the open. Buy it and enjoy!

the "40 horsepower inflated" thing, I was actually talking about the bike EXracer is looking at. its got all the things you mentioned and more. and this is a 98 so im guessing it has the Showa shocks like your talking about?

See Tim, I told you! Great bike!

you guys stop arguing about 40 HP.get the 300 kit and call it done.

I bought one new I think it was a 96. They had simple mods that could be done to easily make them faster, like the wr's.

ride with a friend who has a 92 rmx and that bike is awesome for single track. The power is more than enough in the woods and I could jump on the bike and instantly feel comfortable. Until I got my 200xc, it was the fastest bike for me. Yeah, my 250sx will pull it easy in a drag race but who cares about that crap. If you get a good deal on one they get the job done in the woods.

Awesome bike. Mine has the RM head gasket and powervalve setup as well as a port job and it works real good everywhere. One of the finest machines I have owned, even if it is a little rough.

Kinda wish I could get one of those for the times when I feel like doing the nasty stuff in the woods.

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