Dual Sporting, Tire Pressure

Quick Question. I have an XT225 for trail riding. Since I ride about 80% on dirt trails and only on the pavement enough to get to trails, I have put straight dirt tires on the bike. FL sugar sand is cruel. I have Michelin 90-90-21 on front and 120-90-18 rear.

For the life of me I can't remember what is the best tire pressures to run with this bike and tires. :applause:

I do a lot of dual sporting and off road riding. If you do not have a rim lock on the back, I would run at least 18 psi. Front you can get away with less. If you run on the road at speed, the tires will get hot and wear prematurely. Plus if they are not DOT legal, they may not be designed for higher speeds.

I think a good comprimise is around 20lbs in each tire. Pure off-road riding in sand conditions 10-12lbs is probably more common.

On an XT225, I wouldn't worry about high speeds. 20 lbs. is way too much!

For offroad, 12-14 is what you want. If you're in sand alot, go to 12.

And if you're just tooling around locally on the street, I wouldn't worry what pressure I'm running. I ride 13 psi in the front and 11 in the back on the street and don't notice the "low" pressure.

DOT legal? Who asked about legal? :applause:

JK. Very little on pavement riding. I checked when we came back from a very long ride Sun, and I had 13 front, 16 rear. Look in thumperette forum about burying bike in sugar sand. Probably a rider got too cocky issue :bonk:

When I added more, bike felt squirrly. Thanks guys:)

My buddy and I ride DRZ 400s. I have a Kenda K760 rear and a Pirelli MT21 front, he has Dunlop D606s front and rear. We both find 15 PSI to be the best compromise for the riding we do, which is mostly trail, with street riding to connect trail networks.


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