new to bikes, picked up a '97 300

Hey guys, I've searched and read for quite awhile now but still wasn't sure if there were any major issues that I need to be on the look out for. Always wanted a bike and couldn't pass up the deal I got on it. Any heads up on it will be much appreciated.

I can't believe you haven't found any "issues" that need to be looked at, but if you've searched and read and haven't found anything, I'm not sure this will help you either. A simple search will yield a ton of information on: free mods - more power

shift star mod - better shifting

ACR mod - help keep your engine from grenading

Idler gear bushing - help keep your engine from grenading

valve check / bronze seats / stainless valves / shimming - do now or pay later - or do now and pay later :applause:

dynojet kit - carb upgrade

header - let the thing breathe

unbalanced suspension - take it to a shop to get it done right or put in fork springs

All items that need addressing on the KLX. Have fun with the new bike!


Thanks Bill, now I got a much better idea of where to start searching.

Congrates! I love my '97. My bikes history is mostly unknown to me, and I suppose it will grenade on me some day, but until then I'll enjoy. :bonk:

Tip: If you park it in the garage, where the water heater is, give them some distance. Several months ago, I came home from work and the gas tank was leaking. The place reeked of gas. I was lucky.

Nice looking bike! :applause:

nice bike I got a 1999 KLX 300 and thank God that all the problems listed above were already taken care of as there were 2 owners before me. I have had it for about 2 yrs now and I love it its a great bike and never had a problem ever. Also if you have any questions about your KLX these guys in this forum especialy Bill P and Brewster they are all great at helping out and answering questions you might have. So have fun brother.

My advice.... :applause:

1) Buy a manual

2) take it apart to inspect everything & become familiar w/ bike

3) clean air filter and change oil / oil filter

4) Adjust valve clearance. (I'll bet u a million it's not right)

5) replace brake pads on front and rear

6) replace any cables that are not in perfect condition

7) start thinking about performance mods after you have done 1-6 !

The guy I bought it from gave me the owners manual and the service manual + supplement so I got that covered. Going on a short ride tomorrow for just a couple hours so I'll probably tear into it on sunday and see if any of the problems have been fixed yet. No need for any performance stuff right now, I'm still learning how to ride.

When you are doing your inspection, take the rear suspension apart and clean, check, and lube all of the pivot points....bearings and bushings. Remove the forks and triple clamps and clean, check, and lube the bearings in the steering column. Put some anti sieze compound on the bolts that go into the gas tank.

Most important........HAVE FUN and ride safely.

Ride on


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