Yosh TRS mounting troubles

I've got an '05 S model

Just did the 3x3 mod, dynojet with 128 main, 22.5 pilot, 3rd clip and 2.5 turns out

Thought mounting the new full Yosh TRS would be the easy part. I got the the flange to the header and the header spring loaded to the flange. The mid pipe is where it get's messed up. I know the TRS is supposedly for the "offroad" E model. I have the S but want to keep the passenger pegs and thought this would make mounting easier too. If I line the chasis mount of the midpipe up with the mount in the passenger peg, there is about a 1" difference where the midpipe and header meet. There is not air space but if I undo the chassis mount the pipe slides forward onto the header another 1". When the chasis mount screw is in the midpipe/header joint is loose (i.e. it wiggles).

I also don't understand quite how the bracket and spacer to the subframe mounts.

Can someone please help me out here?

I've been looking in fellow DRZ'ers garage photos and have noticed that the E modles have a different chassis mount on thier subframe. From the pics it looks like my new pipe is lining up with the spot where this single hole would be rather than where my hole is in the footpeg subassembly.

What the heck to do now? Do I need to replace the subframe with an E or ditch the footpegs and pay someone to fab up a bracket or is there some way to make this work?

Please help with some experience and advice.

do a search.i have heard of e pipe being put on s model but of course you need to do a little work to get it in.if its brand new maybe you could exchange it for the s pipe

The mid pipe for an off road model wont line up with the S footpeg bracket. You have to either cut the mounting point off the pipe and have it re welded which would probably be a pain if the mid pipe is Ti or just dont use that mounting point. I ran a stock E pipe on an S without using the middle mounting point without any issues, but there may be unseen issues on an aftermarket pipe.

Just want to make sure good info is passed in this thread. Most guys just mount it to one of the passenger peg mounts. It can be made to work.

A lot of the guys dont mount the midpipe and dont have any problems. I am installing the same pipe on my sm as we speak. i will be fabbing a custom bracket. ill post some pics when its done.

I'm afraid you're going to have to sell the system to me at a deep discount. So sorry....

What part if any of Burned's pipe mount is fabricated? Or did you just mount it on the peg mount instead of the orginal hole.

What part if any of Burned's pipe mount is fabricated? Or did you just mount it on the peg mount instead of the orginal hole.

The real question is what's the stuff between the pipe and the bracket he used?

its just bolted thru the peg brakcet hole.no fabrication.

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