Valve adjustment

Last night I adjusted the valves. Both intake and exhaust were a bit tight. I loosened the intake to about .010. My feeler gauges didn't have a .012 so I used the .010 and made it looser than I did on the intake valves. I've only had this bike since early October and it is my first so I don't have much experience with bikes. The bike starts so much easier now. I think I hear a little bit more valve chatter now but I'm not sure. It could be that this is actually how it is supposed to sound and I'm just ignorant. Is it typical for them to make more noise when loosened? Thanks.


I've tried to do my valves quite a few times. I always seem to have that chatter. I take it to the shop and get it back: No chatter. I just friggen pay to have it done now, not worth the aggravation.

Also being said, havent had to adjust them in quite a while after the initial break in with my kibblewhite valves.

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