Clutch Basket Removal

I am putting a Varner Motorsports shift kit in my '05 KX250F and I was wondering if there is any way to remove the clutch basket nut without using an pneumatic impact wrench.

For Example: Holding the kick starter at the bottom of its stroke and using a cheater bar with a socket on the nut.

Any ideas?

Buy the clutch tool and make your life easier..

how does it work?

You really need a tool. I was in gear, had the rear brake pushed a bunch, and had a brick wedged into the knobs on the tire, but the rear wheel still spun when I twisted on the nut. With a tool, it was easy. I made my own since I had to order the tool and didn't want to wait. You could take one of those metal clutch plates with all the internal splines and bolt a bar or plate to it to make a handle, like a big spanner wrench. Of course you need an extra plate to do that, but you just might have one, I dunno.

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