Checked the Valves

Checked the valves on my 03 KLX400R today and they measured .005" for both intakes and the exhausts were .010" and .012" For the .012" valve, I couldn't get a .013" feeler gage to fit so I think the .012" is a good measurement. The bike has 3100 miles on it now. The last time I checked it was around 900 miles and for the intakes I wrote down .004" and .006" and for the exhaust I had .009" and .011", respectively. It appears to me that they loosened up slightly, however, I thought they would tighten up? The bike is used for dual sports, trail riding, and an occasional enduro (usually finish last).

To me this bike is really a good dollar machine and it's a keeper. Keep riding.

unless you have cam journals wearing, and the cams them self wearing. Yes the clearances will get tighter as the valves recess into the head.

My guess would be your setup or the way your measuring.

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