Fellas or Ladies, I'm new to Husky and I'm considering purchasing a te450 or a Motard 450 love the idea of having it tagged for dual-sports. What kind of problems are there to watch for?? I have a Ktm and really enjoy it but in NJ having alot of problems getting bike tagged. Need info before taking the next step, I can't see myself riding others that feel like a tank!!


I plan on buying the TE 450 after just selling my DRZ 400. According to Trail Rider Magazine they can be registered in New jersey.

Spend a few hours reading the posts here on TT about Huskies and you'll get a lot of questions answered. A lot of new owners are active in this forum.

I came off a 400exc for 4+ years and so far am extremely happy with the Husky. Performance is outstanding. I love my 400exc like a child, but have to say that the TE450 performs better in most trail situations. Especially technical stuff. Not as good for higher speed cruising. I hope the Husky treates me as well as the KTM on reliability. Reports from 05 and 06 owners on that front a very positive.


problems? we don't have no stinking problems here in World Champion Husqvarna land.

you've heard NFL saying, the pack is back? Well.... Husky is back! supreme reliability, reasonable cost, street legal, Italian design, European quality components, Enduro race machines......with a big H on it. :applause:

Rod, no worries getting the plate. My dealer is getting mine for the TE610, 450 should be the same. I have a stable full of Katooms, used to be easy to get a plate. Apparently MVC got smart and is now ruuning the bike by VIN. That will not matter with the Husky.

Where are you located in Jersey ? I'm in Vernon, NW NJ.

Bob, that looks more like a open desert compared to the rocks, roots, rocks and rocks of the NJ woods ( NW atleast). :applause:

well squint when you look at it. :applause:

Looks like South Jersey to me. Where are the 6 ft deep sand whoops? :applause:


Scott W., I live down South in Cumberland Co. I Ride some Dual Sports and Hare Scrambles just for fun the payout not enough for me at my age!! I'm 41 now and not in the shape that I used to be, But still enjoy the good times that only come with a group of other riders. Happy Holidays,


no problem in NJ. The dealer processes the paperwork for you just like any other road bike. Got my registration and plate a week or so after I got it home. They give you a temporary plate good for 30 days to get you going otd. All you need to do is supply insurance info.

I just bought a brand new TE 450. I had no problem getting the title for the bike at the Toms River DMV. In fact it only took 2 minutes.

New Husky print ad proudly states "street legal in all 50 states" :applause:

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