fcr carb #'s

I just bought a fcr carb for my 05 DRZ-SM. It was used, and have no idea what size it is or if it will work. so I call apon the gods for your wisdom. :applause:

5TA1 00QH21 are the num. it has a TPS but no hot start. he told me it came off a 03 YZ 450. I need the truth! please help for I am in the need for more HP. thank you.

i believe they are a 39mmfcrmx carb on a yzf450 and if thats correct then it should work.i have a 39mmfcrmx on my drzsm and had only a couple of probs to overcome.but you say there is no hot start and i think the yzf has a hot start.i could be wrong though but my 99yzf400 had one.i think the newer versions had a handlebar mounted hot start button.

hope it works out for you because you will be happy with the results

did some investagative work and was wondering this carb does have a hot start that was on the clutch lever. I thought it was a decompession lever but found out it is a hot start. still don't know if it is a 39mm, and is there a way to bypass the hot start valve because I don't think I need it on the DRZ. thanks for the help.

if you go to yamahas web site and click on the yzf450 specs it says 39mm fcrmx.i'm sure you can get a plug for it or something.i left mine on but mine is the pull out type like the choke.

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