Best tool to remove stripped allen bolt on top of Carb cover

Trying to change my needle clip setting and I have run into a problem. It's been a long time since I opened the top of my FCR Kehein carburetor on my Husky. One of the small allen bolts was froze tight. I had a bad angle on it with my allen wrench and stripped out the head. I have now forcefully rotated the carb fully now and have good access to that back bolt. but its stripped out deep and the #3 allen T wrench won't work in it no more. I would prefer to not remove the carb. It's a PIA to put back in.

What kind of stripped bolt removal type tool will help me get this bolt loose and out?

Like I said I prefer not to remove the carb..although removing the carb would allow me to get the carb and problem bolt head up and onto my work bench so I could get a big channel lock on it and try to loosen it that way, but in the end that may just rip and tear the out side of the bolt head not loosen it.

there must be some drill bit grab tool that craftsman has to bite into the head and unscrew it. At the same time it is a soft metal this bolt and I dont want to drill the head off and make this situation any worse.

any suggestions? need some help.


hey bob you got a dremel?use a cutoff wheel and put a slot in it and try a screwdriver.if not grind off the head and then get a hold of it with needle nose vise grips.

you should be able to grab it with a small pair of vise grips.

Yeah, needle nose vise grips.

well vise grips are cheaper then a dremel kit. This is how I end up buying all my specialty tools I screw up and have to buy three different tools to try and unscrew myself out of a jam.

I can grab it with a nice set of craftsman pliers but they just rub around the head. Hopefully a strong quality pair of vise grips will turn it/ break it loose. I do like the saw a dremel slice in it and try a screw driver approach, sounds plausible. I'll buy a nice vise grip tonight and try that.

Costco has a nice dremel kit for about $50, has flex shaft and nice case...first method I slot for screw driver removal...second, slot the edge of the screw and use a small/sharp/flat head chisel and tap the edge of the bolt, moving it in the direction of loosening...third small sharp vise grips, grabbing and turning...this is very common and finding those 4mm replacement screws can suck, get a couple careful, those cast carbs break easily...Bob you will be a master tech someday...unfortunately not in the near future...

a small 5 inch pair of quality vise grips did it. Luckily I asked the store tool mgr and he said make sure you get the bolt head in the body of the grip not the tip only, which I was able to do and it cracked open that bolt easy.

good thing I thought I was on the 5th clip But I was on the 4th so I was too lean this cold winter time. I moved it down one spot. should work/better good now.

thanks for the tips.

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