HELP!!! Timing questions

I adjusted my valves last night, and being in a bit of a hurry and not paying attention, I pulled my cam without marking the chain and sprocket. I thought, what a dumbass I am, then just went by the Honda manual to adjust the timing. Well, lets just say the manual and the way to adjust the time is less than ideal. When you pull the crank cover and I line up the dot to the mark on the crank cover, my timing looks like it is on. The horizontal marks on the cam sprocket line up flush with the cylinder head. - However, the dot on the crank case and the sprocket inside the engine leave a lot of room for error depending on your interpretation of what is inline. - I put it all back together 100% confident it was all good. I went to start it and can't get it started. - I do however get a backfire. Not good. - The valves are not the problem because I only went down one shim size. They are in spec. Could being off one tooth cause the bike not to start? Any easier way to set the timing? I also took the tension off the chain and tried to slip it a tooth, but no dice. - Looks like you have to remove the cam to slip the chain. What a bummer. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

Yes being off 1 tooth can make it very difficult to start.

Use the right side punch mark to line up TDC. Get on your hands

and knees and get level w/ that hole to line it up correctly. Make

sure your on the compression stroke w/ the cam lobes facing rearwards.

Now look @ your timing chain marks. More than likely you will see 1 mark

and the other mark will be below the head so you can't see it. Loosen

the auto tensioner and pull the cam away, but not out. There's a trick

to it, but you can move the tooth pretty easily once you get the hang of it.

I pulled the cam and slipped it one tooth to where it looked like it should go and it fired on the first kick. Go figure. haha

Thanks for your help.

Glad you got it running.

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