Using a 250r rear shock?

Is it possible to use a 250R rear shock on a 2005 230F? I really dont want to spend $550 on a works performance shock if you can get my drift.

Measure them from eye to eye. The most important thing to remember, just because you can compress a shock and fit it, don't take that for granted. The CR Showa shock has dual compression valving. Running the shock lower in the valving is only robbing you of suspension.

Both the 150/230 only have about 2 inches of active valving. The rest is made up in the linkage. The 250 Shock has about 5 inches of active valving. In other words compare the shiny exposed shaft to one another. You will see the 230 has a shorter exposed area.

Food for thought.

Give it a shot see how you like it.

Hlebo Bros suspension in Campbell California 408-623-3121, modifies CRF150 and 230 shocks to work almost as well as the Works.

no way in hell that shocks going to fit on that bike...take a cr85 shock and get a heavy rated spring and have the shock revalved for your bikes wieght etc... and have it rebuilt if its old...that will only cost you $300 roughly

$450 for the Works performance. I would go with the new Works shock at that price.

is it a reservoir shock?

Yep and it comes with a nifty little mount that attaches to the subframe. I rode a 150 with a works shock, it was nicer then my 450. I was mad. Money is the only thing holding me back from getting one myself.

$450 for the Works performance. I would go with the new Works shock at that price.

Where do you get it?

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