03 450 updated, yeah!

So I got in trade for some work a set of 250F 2005 Kayaba TC forks. Long story, but yeah. Got those on the 450 with some optional springs:

1C3-23141-80-00 SPRING (K=4.7N/MM)

And installed some homemade 7mm spring preload spacers. Add some Torco Rff 5wt and the front is back together!

(the rear is already setup with a stiffer spring for 200+lb riders). My buddies bike, or soon to be.

THen installed the GYTR flywheel and 02 426 clutch boss spring parts (all 3) to make it a smooth takeoff.

Just like a new bike again! The TC forks are going to be awesome along with the motor mods to tame the beast down a bit. The 03 is still a kick in the pants on a wide open track outdoors though! RIde report will come sunday!

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