Supermoto Track Requirements

Are there any guidelines set by the AMA pertaining to length or layout of supermoto racetracks? I searched their website and didn't really find anything specific. I would think that a track with elevation changes would be more fun than a flat layout? What are some of the racers favorite racetracks? Also, how important is the mx section in a supermoto layout? In other words, is it possible to make the jumps and whoops too big? I guess what I'm trying to find out is what racers really want and don't want, and what they consider a model supermoto track. Here on the east coast there isn't really anything specifically for supermoto, just cart and small race car tracks.

i dont know about the length or height of jumps but some of the races are on the city streets. like the Reno race is through the city. its pretty cool.

Ok from a riders piont of view, probally first is to work out what level you are catering for, Club , national, internation etc etc. At a club level you get riders with a wide range of backgrounds while most have some kind of dirt background someone like myself has come from road/street riding (not to be confused with racing) and are out there for !@#$s and giggles over concering the world.

So landing big jumps is not exactly something I'm good at especailly when trying to do it in 17inch slicks. So having the option of rolling over the jump at a club level is probally pretty important IMO instead of having to nail the exact landing piont to aviod casing the bike. Motards are usally running around on stiffer shortened suspension as well describing as a MX section is probally not right it probally should be called more of an enduro section.

Also consider the surface at lot of our dirt sections are soft sand and get cut up pretty quickly the club has added fine bluemetal which has considrably helped to hold it together mainly on the corners than anywhere else the ruts were of the wheel swallowing variety.

The other thing the local club has learnt is to put a small jump 1-2ft for the transfer back onto the tar otherwise the bikes tend to dig a hole right at the bitumens edge. Causeing not only a sharp step which tends to pinch tyres and undermines the tar.

Sorry no real guidlines but some thoughts at least.

Any track is a good track and any race is a good race - Don't listen to the cry babies that bitch about the jumps, dirt and pavement sections. Those are the people who whine about everything at the races, just because they get passed on the jumps or dirt or pavement they complain about the tracks, it's really their attitude and riding more than the tracks. Every track is different that's what keeps the sport devise and interesting.

Amen Rad!

I'll ride anything, but for the most part going too big with the jumps may have a detrimental affect on turnout. From what I've gathered at the club level most guys don't like the really big hits unless they're a table top and they have an option of how to take it (or not as the case may be).

IMHO a true supermoto track includes aspects of dirt track as well as motocross. Try and factor in at least one big wide open sweeper corner in the dirt so it really tests the throttle control of the riders as they try and power through the corner sideways on the gas.

A really good person to talk to about track design and the specifics of the layout especially regarding safety is Ted Baker from Supermoto Canada. You can reach him through and from my experience he's always happy to discuss this stuff and share his insights. He routinely builds tracks in both permanent and temporary locations that seems to appeal to riders of all skill levels.

I would vote to keep SM jumps at a modest level of difficulty. I'm not comfortable SM arena-cross sky high jumps.

I do like the idea of a big wide flat sweeping 180 degree-ish dirt turn to showcase the riders sideways dirt-track acceleration skills. Unfortunately most SM tracks lack the extra space for this type of corner.

Thanks for all the input so far. Searches of previous discussions (which I should have done first I guess) show that pro riders are mostly disappointed with the lack of fan turnout for AMA national events. Are most of the races held in locations that are remote and difficult for fans to get to, or are they just not well advertised? I see that jumps like the X-Games stadium jump was not very well received by riders and kept some european riders from participation. Toned down widened mx sections would probably be favored over anything too jumpy.

AMA does a pour job of advertising the supermoto series and doesn't get decent coverage on TV. They require seating for 15,000 people, so most small venues don't stand a chance!

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