spangler hills/ teagle wash

Is anyone going out to spangler hills this weekend? We were thinking of camping off of teagle wash, can anyone give me any info on this place?

ya youll ike it its wide open with lots of trails and should be able to find a nice open spot to camp as well.

Is anyone going out to spangler hills this weekend? We were thinking of camping off of teagle wash, can anyone give me any info on this place?

Ya you'll love it.. I sure do.

But a wise man in Ridgecrest once told me some sound advice that I will now pass on to you. Teagle wash is OK to camp BUT, if the wind is blowing go to wagonwheel and camp there. Its more protected from the wind and only a mile or two from teagle toward ridgecrest.

Oh ya, watch out for the open mine shafts, some are BIG.

Been there many times. Open Use OHV areas with some of the highest use in the state. But it's a great place to ride. If you like rugged technical stuff, get into the Spanglers behind Stevens Mine. If you like speed, drop down into the valley just south of there. If you like both, try the Limited Use area up in the Summit Range at the south end. Stay out of the Wilderness area further south toward Red Mountain, and stay away from structures and you'll have more than enough trails for a week or more.

Spangler is one of my favorite riding areas. We always camp at wagonwheel.

Unless it's changed since the last time I went there, 2 years ago, the sign on the road identifying Teagle Wash is easy to miss. The entrance is a dirt road. Go in about 200 yards and there is a nice open area on your right side for camping. Before you go out on your first ride, take a look at the mountains around you and put that view into memory. My first time out there, I got seperated from my group and spent a couple hours trying to find my way back to camp.

Ride on


Went to What sounds like Teagle wash but I didn't see a wash this past monday thru wednsday. It was about a mile or less before Wagon Wheel which I thought was Charlies Place. Great spot. Killer riding.

Just got back from spangler hills. It was a good time. The weather was actually great for the most part except for about a 3 hour rain storm that blew over. Other than those 3 hours or so no wind and sunday morning no dust. Is the wagon wheel place also known as charlies place? We camped on the dirt road just north of teagle wash about 1 mile had the place all to ourselves the kids had plenty of room to themselves.

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It was originally called Charlie's Wagon Wheel for an old hermit who lived there into the 70's before he died. He sold sodas n such. It is now the BLM's Wagon Wheel. Teagle wash is about 4-5 mi south of that on Trona rd, near the railroad tracks that cross the pavement. The wide straight dirt road out in the valley is known as"Pipeline" rd. It goes from Charlie's and beyond to the north and south to the area of Johanesburg where Trona meets 395. You can get gas at the store there if on a big loop. I just got home on a Wed thru now trip there. Rained again starting yesterday around 1pm thru the night. Stopped so we could load up and started again at 930am. Good trip, no one hurt, lost or broke down in our 30 people group.

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