Is there alot of difference between a 2003 CR125 and a 2006 CRF250R??

I ask because my brother wants to get a CR250R or a CRF450R but I think its too much for him. I have a 2000 RM250 and its too much. Would the CRF250r be enough? He is still a very novice rider if that helps.

Thanks for any imput.

if he is not to heavy the 250F will be the bike to get loads better than a 125 if hes a novice the 450 could hurt him. my mates have 250F and dont have any problem dealing with the big bikes expect on hills , i have a big bike and love it but if i was not 16+stone i would have a 250f .my son has a 125rm and when he gets on the 250f he rides for longer and seems to enjoy it more.250F is the way to go :applause:

I doubt the CRF250 would be too much for any reasonably grown person 15 years old and up. The power, while very good, is easy to modulate and control. Some advantages for the 125 is that it would be significantly cheaper and he would be forced to learn good clutch and throttle control to use it well. If he plans to race competitively, the 125 will be a disadvantage, but for play riding, it can be a very good choice.

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