230 jett help??? Please!!!

Bike is all stock, baffle removed and snorkel removed. I live in washington the elevation is 2500-5000 feet. Im going to put the needle at the 4th clip and install a 45 or 48 pilot, what do you think? Main jet is going to be a 132? temp. is about 40-25 deg. F. The reason I ask about the main jet is because the temp makes it lean then the elevation makes it rich, so is the 132 main a good starting point for me?? Pilot screw about 1 1/2-1 3/4? Thanks for the help

um, well actually, i think the temp. makes it rich and the altitude makes it rich so, i would say you need to lean it down. 4th clip probably ok, most likley a 45 pilot, main jet probably around 125 or whatever. I have no clue about fuel screws.

um, well actually, i think the temp. makes it rich

The colder the air is, the more dense it is.

That means the same bike will run leaner the colder it gets.

In the real world, I usually notice "too rich" poor performance more with higher altitudes than air temps.

250x05, you didn't say, but are you running the power up needle & needle jet?

I would change to one since you have pulled out the air box restrictor and exhaust baffle.

Everything I have read says to keep the stock pilot jet unless the motor is built.

I run the power up needle & needle jet (3rd clip), 132 main and stock pilot jet with intake & exhaust baffles removed.

Powroll has CRF 230 jetting recomendations for stock & modified motors on their web site.

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