Front brake squeal on XR250

My front brake started squealing (97 XR250) and I replaced the pads and cleaned the rotor. After one ride (25 or so miles) it squeals again. I pulled the pads and sanded off any glazing, but they still squeal like hell - I should say that the squealing occurs during steep long decents. I miced the rotor and it is within limits. Any ideas? Would the Aceribis cover I removed that covered the brake rotor help stop the noise if it were reinstalled?? Iwas too lazy to put it back on.......Thanks

In the car world the "squeal" comes from the BACK PAD against the piston. Most parts stores sell "Diskbrake quiet" in some form or fashion. If you ask me it's like Elmer's white glue. :bonk:

But it goes on the BACK OF THE PAD, not the front. :cry:

I have also seen gasket like pads to put on the back side also. This tells me all you really have to do is keep metal from metal between the pad and piston. (with anything that will take the heat and pressure)

So lets start a "what made your disk quiet" thread and list the crazy crap we put on the pad to shut it up. :applause:

I use Copper Grease on the back of my pads, seems to work for me. :applause:

are you riding in dusty areas, i find fine dust makes em' squeek.

Mine'll do the same thing on a very steep, twisty descent where I'm on the front brakes and not much speed. I tried putting some waterproof grease on the slide pins (they seemed dry and a little rusty) and my last ride I didn't have any squeals on the twisty, tight steeps. That's only one ride, though. If it fixes it I'll add it to my list of periodic maintenance.

Yeah, I'll try some brake quiet stuff on the back of the pads. Up till this month here in California it has been extremely dusty. Think I'll replace the pads anyway again to start fresh in the mud. Thanks to all who replied.

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