Has anybody changed the flywheel in their WR?

Just wondering as I have got access to a GYT-R YZ heavy flywheel.

It should get the WR moving a bit more, I find the stocker doesn't rev quick enough for my liking.

Does anyone even know if the stator will even fit?

wont adding flywheel weight make the bike rev slower?

YZ heavy flywheel lighter than WR flywheel. I think it only adds a few oz over stock YZ.

You can even get a GYT-R YZ offroad heavy flywheel that adds twice the enertia as the heavy one.

ah, i see...thanks for the info!

I just went through this with a KX125 2-smoke, and now I'm confused. I was told that by adding flywheel weight, you transfer the initial throttle power to the back end of the power band. The example I was given was pretty good, IMO.

Imagine having two strings, one string with a ping pong ball at the end, the other with a golf ball at the end. When you hold the other ends of the strings and twirl them around they react differently. The one with the ping pong ball immediately begins to twirl quickly, and when you stop twirling it, it falls flat immediately. The one with the golf ball takes more energy to start twirling, and when you stop, it will still go around once or twice more before it stops.

The way I understood it, the extra weight keeps a 2-smoke from being "jumpy" in the initial phase of the power band and transfers that energy to the back side of the power band, giving it more of a 4-stroke feel. :cry:

Can anyone out there sort this out for us? :bonk::applause:


Normal reason to use heavier flywheel is that you won't stall your 4 stroke that easy. Effect what is has to accelerate that bike is minimal. Thinking about getting heavier from Trailtech for myself.

Timo Mc

have riden both YZ and "tuned" WR's and the YZ's DEFINATLY get up and go ALOT better than the WR ...as the rest of the spec is the same (exhausts , cam timing , etc) it MUST be down to that fly wheel weight

Let us know what happens....you CAN be the first to try something :applause:

I'm pretty sure that the yz and wr flywheels are completely different since the 03 models. If you want to get a lighter flywheel trailtech makes one that is 4oz lighter than the stock wr. It should make the bike snappier :applause:

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