75 hrs alot on a 05 kxf

hey guys i am wondering if u guys think 75 hrs is alot on a 05 kxf the thing looks mint its had suspension revalved recently and new rings. alot he says it has pro circuit valves and springs and head. but, back to the question is 75 hrs alot?

75 hours of what kinda riding and how hard

arenacross and nationals

id say its alot.... but im used to 125cc twostrokes

Well, it all depends on when the PC stuff was done. If it was done 10 hours ago, then no, it is no too bad. Just check compression and run it out through all the gears or take it to a mechanic to have it looked at. I mean 75 hours is not that big of a deal unless it was just thrashed and not looked after. Good luck !

yea well he was under a pro-sponsership so the bike was pretty well looked after as i would think anyway

true ... just check it over thoroughly before you make any decisions. pro's ride way harder then the rest of us, so that is something to consider as well. keep us posted !

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