got my son a 06 cr85 expert for christmas. going to put new silencer on this weekend. pro circuit. i don't need to rejet it do i? haven't had a 2 stroke in the family in over 15 years. that little 85 rips. any help is appreciated.

From the myriad of threads I have scoured, it seems that most in the know would advise that you tune the carb to ensure best performance. By doing so you, will be able to ascertain if you do need to re-jet.

By not doing so, you could damage the engine (run it too lean etc).

This is a great link for setting your carb.

I bought my son a new '05 CR85 last year and it was jetted very rich from the factory. I'm not sure about the '06 but it could be the same way. Keep an eye on the plug and change jets if needed.

On my sons 05 CR85 we put a pro-circuit platinum with a shorty silencer, v-force3 reed system, and a powernow. We had the clip raised one (due to it being rich from the factory and fouling plugs). We ended up not changing any jets after all the mods (I may have moved the clip back, can't remember).

This bike really rips now and never fouls plugs -- my sons biggest problem is keeping the front end down. Much more useable power down low now too (the stock bike couldn't really pull my big arse unless I got the revs up before, now I can pull away cleanly without revving the crap out of it).

I also put on a forged ASV lever (like 45 bucks) -- very nice and worth it imo. The bike is now like a precision weapon and very cool and easy to ride (for a 150lb 20HP rocket)

cool. ya i am going to keep a eye on plug. thanks for the info.

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