03 Yz 450 ?

whats up guys, wondering if someone can answer some questions I had about yammies. I know someone selling a 03 yz 450(don't know if it is) for parts. how do you tell between the 426 and the 450? it has a steel frame and alum. subframe. did it come with a 39mm fcr carb? heres the numbers- 5TA1 00QH21 the carb has a TPS, but no hot start. it runs but I have no info on the bike. will any of these parts fit on a 2000 WR 400? because I have a plate on that to ride the streets. don't have a digital camera or I would have taken pics. any help would be great. thanks, Dave

If its an 03 it is a 450.

I don't think there will too many parts that'll fit your WR. '03 is the first year of the 450.

any special way to tell its a 450 by looking at it?

No hot start knob on the carb its a 450. 450 has the lever on the handlebar instead of the knob on the carb.

The Left Side of the Engine is a giveaway. The ignition cover is unique to the YZ450.

All '03's are 450's. Both the 426 and the 450 have aluminum subs, but the 426 had it painted. Wheels, handlebars, air and oil filters, and springs are about the only things that will fit your 400.

also look at where the oil level check is at the front of the bike. if it's small (dime size) and a little off to the left of the steering head it's a 450. if it right in front of the tank its a 426 and a bit larger (quarter size).

2001 had a blue painted subframe. 2002 was aluminum uncoated.

Well i dont know about your guys bikes, but mine says 450 stamped into the front of the engine behind the rads.

looked at it again today. it is a 450. dipstick on the left side of frame. how about the carb? did they come with a 39mm stock? thanks for the help.

did they come with a 39mm stock?

Yep 39's stock

yea I meant dipstick, not "oil level maintance device" ha ha

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