Where do I buy base valve shims?

Anyone have a source for compression shims? My dealer looked at me like I was asking for a flux capacitor when I asked.

Alternatively, will a base valve from an 03 or newer fork work in my 2001?

Thanks for your help,


Racetech have them!

I got mine from the TT store.

Yeah, the dealers won't likely have them and most dealers will have NO clue what you are talking about. A base valve from a 01-04 should all fit, but IMO, the 03 wasn't very good in stock form.

Good luck with it.

I see where MX Tech sells the shims and it looks like you can choose just the ones you need as single quantity- http://www.mx-tech.com/SBW/CatList.asp?CatID=Shims%2D12mmid

Soul Man, I couldn't find the shims on the TT store. Which section are they in?

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