drz 400SM

I was wondering what jetting settings I need for an 05 DRZ SM.....I bought the dynojet kit and the bike will have the 3x3 done but still stock exhaust and filter. The bike will be run from 0-1500 ft in mild northwest 40-75 deg weather. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, Brian

did you get the SM specific kit?

yeah its SM specific

follow the stg 2 instructions.they are right on.

alright thanks.....also I will be jetting my own SM when I get back to florida....i bought the sm specific kit for me....bike will be ridden in northern florida at sea level....between 50-85 deg...3x3 mod with stock filter.....could you give me settings for stock and aftermarket exhaust....i havent decided if I'm gonna buy the yosh yet...it will be a full rs-3 if I do though...thanks for all the help!

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