450 engine

i have a 05 450 and i barely put 10 hours on the bike,when i heard a rattling noise from the engine,so i brought it in and the piston and cylinder are worn out,i bought this bike brand new and i was breaking it in when this happened.i never got on it hard cus i wanted to break it in properly.it almost looks like the skirts on the piston started to melt.the bike had sufficent coolant and oil,and the lubrication system is working properly,according to the shop.so why did this happen.also the cylinder has alot of hone marks.does the factory do this.also the piston to cylinder wall clearance is alot,i would say a good 8th of an inch,is this how the engine comes?

was it jetted WAY to lean?? maybe you burned it up from not enough fuel? :applause:

Whipping out the digi-cam and getting a few pics of the hardware goes a great distance toward helping others understand the extent and severity of the damage.

Without pics, the speculation coefficient baloons.

did the dealer put any or enough oil in it? check the trans side and make sure the trans isnt full almost to the top. If the sealed failed they can push the engine oil into the trans and the motor ends up starving...

If you have an 1/8"(0.125ths) that allot.

Maybe the wrong piston was installed from factory.

Highly unlikely.

Cylinder-to-piston clearance 0.020-0.045

Are the rings galled into the ring grooves?

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