Where to ride mini's in NE OHIO?

Hey Guys- I'm relatively new to the area, and moved from a house with a real big yard and a mini track, to a house with a small yard and no room to ride. Anybody have a backyard track or a (legal) riding spot who wouldn't mind a guest? I have a moderately modified KLX110 with a KX60 front end, 4spd, clutch, and a swingarm. I live near Medina, OH. I'd prefer a relatively easy track, I'm near forty and retired from riding big bikes, I have mini's just to have fun.

If you haven't already, check out this site:


I know that you can practice indoors at Splitrail (Cambridge) on Wednesday's (mini and pitbikes only) during the winter. You actually are living in an area that has a lot of public options near.

That's good info- where in OH is there public land to ride on?

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