Vans to carry your bike!!


Can people who own vans post some pics of their vans that they use to carry their bikes?



I don't have one, but if I were to get a Van to use as my bike hauler, I'd dig one of these..


my bro bought a ford delivery van for $100. it didn't run but he had a truck that he could use for a motor. I tryed to get him to put the van on the truck chasis and cut a whole in the side of it for loading the bikes....he didnt like the idea.

it soon became our shooting van for when we got pissed off at stuff....

My Brother In Law Was In The Army And Stationed In Hawaii. He Shipped His Bike Over And Bought A Old Ford Econoline Van For $100 And It Actually Ran. The Best Part Was It Was Painted Sea Blue And Had Fish And Coral Along The Bottom And It Said "mystery Machine" Across The Side. :applause: Classic!

lol i need a cheap hauler and a van seems like it can get the job done

lol im buying an astro van because so many people have the for e series vans. i want the el pollo loco one with the flames and el pollo loco logo :applause:

Here's a pic of my van! Bike shoe holds 1 bike the other goes in backwards w/front wheel against back door!


Vans are great for taking your bike places. Security is probably the best reason to own a van. Vans also make great campers for a quick weekend outing.

I bought a used 91 Dodge Maxi Van 15 passenger. Moved rear 4 passenger seat to just behind driver and removed other seats. Put spare tire under 4 man seat. I can haul up to 3 bikes with up to 5 people in comfort. I can also add a 3 man seat if needed. I have towed trailer with 6 bikes with 7 people in van using extra seat and was very comfortable. This was our chase rig for the LA-BtoV dual sport.

Since I don't own a truck, I use my work van when I go riding. It's a Chevy Savanna. Your plain old cargo van. I've loaded 4 bikes + camping gear in there once. For a quick over nighter, all you need is an air mattress and a sleeping bag and your good.

Here is one that a young guy at my track uses. Nice to have dads or some else that pays the bills, it all decked out, stereo, etc. Those are his practice bikes in the track.


cc ride 12.jpg

Its a repost on other forumn. I mounted 4 captains chairs in it,also 4 pingle chocks. I like the easy load and go stuff. and we have room for gear and tools :applause:

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