Anyone In CA Using The E2?

I like to fly before I buy so, anyone in California running the White Bros. E2, is it 92 db? Does it improve the powerband? Does it come witha jetkit? Anyone running the FMF Q instead? Opinions? Yeah, its tough keeping it tame. CA sucks but, your next...

I'm not in Cali, but just a little north in Oregon. I have one on my bike, its probably due for a repacking, but I was tested for a race this past spring and passed with a 96db. My bike is far from stock as far as the engine goes, so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.

I have to E2 on my bike here in cali....never been checked for noise(never heard of such a thing) but with the spark arrestor in i'd bet its quiet enough to pass any noise test here. In race mode the E2 makes a lot more noise and stuff makes your bike sound cool. Same performance either way i think. But with the spark arrestor out i developed a flat spot if i hit the throttle real hard and quick. With it in i have had no problems.

I really think it gave the bike a lot more low end....its the best pipe i have had on any of my bikes.

:bonk::cry: Any1 tries that noise test crap just give em the finger and ride :cry: ride :cry: away hahahha maybe thats how come i get in trouble with the federalii's :applause:

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