79 klx 250 rear shocks

I tried the search and couldn't find the answer to this question. The rear shocks on my bike seem really stiff. I weigh 170 lbs and can hardly move them by bouncing on them.

Are these shocks toast?

Does anyone know a source for new ones?

What is the result of moving the circlip to compress the spring?

Are you sure it's the shocks and not the swing arm bearings?

1979 is old. Shocks may be toast. Has there been any evidence of fluid leakage from the shocks?

Ride on


Check your swingarm bushings first. They are notorius for seizing in the early KLXs. Progressive makes nice replacement shocks for that bike for not a lot of money - at least compared to Works Performance.

Thanks for the help, I found the problem. One shock rod was bent enough that it wouldn't work. There was no fluid leakage so I bent it back in place and it seems to work. Good enough anyway until I get the new ones ordered from progressive.

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