Look what I found

I found this ad and thought it might be interesting to someone out there in Dirt Bike Land.

Wanted – Dirt Bike Tour Guide

Employment opportunity-6 to 3 months per year-summer season-good pay-plus all the riding you can stand-drivers license required-no traffic citations-must have transportation-personable-heavy on common sense-some mechanical ability-must be physically fit-must be accomplished dirt bike rider-

We at Durhamtown.com have an opportunity for the right person to handle our new tour business based in Colorado. See durhamtownadventuretours.com for complete information. Contact-Email only-Mike McCommons at mikemc@durhamtown.com.


I told my daughter "Do what you like".

She started spending my money on tuition for apparel fashion design.

After one year I said screw that. I would have went to college for beer drinking and motorcycle riding if I thought there would have been any money in it.


Now find a part time winter job as a beer taster/beer tester and I'm all over this.

I am all over this. What a deal!

I just quit my job and am walking out the door right now..............

In college I knew a guy that worked for Lays potato chips co. and he was a chip tester. He had to eat chips all day and wash is pallet out with a small shot glass of beer. How about that. He got paid for it too. He finally quit because he said it was boring. :applause:

Do a google search of:

Mike McCommons at mikemc@durhamtown.com

The guy seems to make some reputable enemies...

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