Dual Sport Ride

What? Mostly dirt Dual sport ride from Phoenix.

When? Friday December 30th meet at 08:30AM ride by 9AM.

Where? Meet at I-17 and Carefree HWY in Front of Carefree Yamaha 3120 W. Carefree HWY it's in the strip mall on the north side of Carefree HWY just east of I-17.

Destination is adventure and it's planned as a day trip. It will probably be cold so be prepared. The plan is to eat lunch out of town(Phoenix), but which town is not yet determined. Crown King, Payson, Prescott? We are open to great ideas, but plan to look at the map and go where those who show decide to go.


Allan Greenblazer

Just what i would have been wanting to do,but i am in Cali for the weekend let me know next time i live five minutes from the Yamaha dealer and am interested in learning the area. Pm me sometime :applause:

Shit. I missed this.

Do it again!

Definately gonna do it again... Go to the New Dual Sport Forum...

www.arizonatrailtalk.com to check for future Dual Sport Rides.


Allan Greenblazer

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