seized (my fault)

rigth guys, im scared!

i seized my bike and i think its my fault. i think i starved the engine of oil. i put enough gear box oil in etc, i just think i put the filter in backwards. i was riding up a hill, and all of a sudden she came to a dead stop, and i heard a slight crunching noise!!!! and i thought it was probably the chain come off or something stupid. but then, the kick starter would not move! and would not bump start!

got back to the pits, took filter cover off and couldn't see a spring....:applause:

and people in the pits said the oil looked hot and the filter was in backwards!

help! how much will it cost?

what would have gone wrong?

and how am i going to tell my parents... :bonk:

If it makes you feel any better, my bike was a week and a half old when I left the crankcase drain plug loose and all the oil drained out while I was riding it. It came to a screeching halt. When I took it apart everything was perfect except where the exhaust cam had gotten tight. That was about 20 rides ago and it still runs perfect. Hope you are as lucky!

That Sucks Kid KXF. It may only be your cam seizing, if that happened it's possible to fix it pretty cheep as long as it didn't effect the valves etc. The first place you usually see oil failure issues is at the cams.

I have heard of this happening a lot, we should do special thread about it so no one else does it by mistake.

thanks guys, making me feel better. taking it to a mechanic at the weekend (personal friend) so he wont charge!

just out of interest, how much would a whol new engine cost... gearbox and cylinder etc... (just interested in knowing)




oh. lol

What year kxf is it?

You should be able to get it fixed under warrenty if it a newish one

its 2006.

yea warranty should cover that, if not you are in trouble

kxaddict, did u get banned from

Does warranty cover people f**k ups? if they find out u put the filter in the wrong way, i dont like ur chances of getting warranty.

um the 06 kx250f does not come with a warranty, becuase it is a race bike, and a new motor will cost a whole lot, u could probaly fix what happen for alot cheaper

You likely will have to buy a head and camshaft, Hopefully the cam gear didn't spin and cause the valves to bend. Put the filter in correct with the spring to the outside.. And go back and see if the dealer will help with warranty. They might if they don't read this post !

kxaddict, did u get banned from

Yea dude, the editor of the site is a complete jackass.

Im sure that most kawasaki dealers will provide warranty, as long as the bike is'nt an import the dealer will at least contribute to the cost especially as it was your 1st ride out on it.

Kawasaki are proud of their product and dont expect their bike to go wrong :applause:

just my luck, she is an import :applause:

why would they warranty it. its not there fault the oil filter was in backwards. i was a service manager at a kawi dealer for 6 years they dont cover rider error. sorry man just try not to do it again

Sorry buddy.

ahh well, i learnt from that mistake, wont be doing that again. any other stupid mistakes i should know about?

also, i can take a good guess at whats wrong with it, enging overheated causing seizure which is why the kickstarter wont move, this would mean i need cylinder and piston work doing, correct?



Not necessarily kid, your piston/cylinder may be OK. It probably lost some life but may still be OK, for the time being. Check for signs of excessive wear and discoloration from heating, replace as needed. Bummer dude.

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